02 Jan

Catechesis in Catholic Social Doctrine: Theoretical Considerations and Practical Experiences on the Basis of the Social Catechism Docat

The economic and social order of the Federal Republic of Germany is strongly influenced by Catholic Social Teaching. Against the background of its historical influence but also because of the orientations it provides for the complex world of today, the present article assumes that social catechesis based on the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church needs a firm place again in Pastoral Care for Youth, but also in the efforts for a new evangelization in Germany. Then, on this basis, the approach of a social catechesis based on the DOCAT, the Catechism on Catholic Social Doctrine developed especially for young people, will be presented.

Beitrag in der indischen Zeitschrift Encounter. A Journal of Interdisciplinary Reflections of Faith and Life, Vol. 11 No. 02 JULY – DECEMBER, 2020 (gemeinsam mit Peter Schallenberg),